Photo: Sholto Watson


My work is a pared down approach to landscape through idea, form and material. I am greatly attracted to the balance of things and seek to explore forces and forms that frequently are described as opposites. The tangible with intangible, solid to delicate, push or pull.

The result is a series of glimpses or sketches of moments in sculptural form. There is a constant flux between the works and the viewer through light, space and kinetic energy so that connections are made and dissolved.

I work in abstracted forms based on the human body and echoed in nature. Timber is my primary material noted for it’s suppleness and strength and more recently, ceramic, which offers an interesting counterpoint with its earthy, malleable qualities. 

It is integral to my working process that  I am attuned to the elements of hand making, the materials and my own sense of being present. All these  elements combine, a distillation of forces that honed, come to balance.

For me it is a meditation in action that never quite finishes.

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