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Dimension: 900 l x 280 h x 80 mm Material: Stoneware, American Red Cedar

Client: Private collection 

Escarpment series, North of the Knoll, references the exposed sandstone outcrops found on high vantage points, such as the Knoll, Middle Harbour. These provided sight lines in all cardinal directions to the landscape of the Cammeraygal, as they still do to people today. Installed in a horizontal format, floated off the wall, the works convey spatial rhythms of motion, both of the body and of elemental forces such as wind and water through this topography.

Meandering Lines Series are a daydreaming series. They evoke the languid drifting spaces opened in memory, imagination and the body when immersed within landscape: easily absorbed in childhood, trickier to locate in adulthood.



Material: Recycled huon pine, Porcelain with celadon glazes, reduction fired

Dimension: This installation is over a 7 metre wall with a 1.2 metre descent. Individual pieces approx. 600 – 1400 l x 150 w x 40 d mm

Meandering lines series has the flexibility in installation of a few pieces up to 18 pieces.


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